Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

Created by TrollTrader

Mummies, elves, halflings and other fantasy miniatures from an undead desert.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Thursday update as I am away tomorrow!
9 days ago – Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 02:59:48 AM

Hey all

I'm not in the office tomorrow as I have some time booked out to the wife for valentines day.

As such the Friday update is a Thursday update this week!

How about an Ice Phoenix to start us off


We printed the latest round of elves from Matt and realised the weapons were a little thin. They were fine but with a little added thickness they would better stand being used for games etc. So they got made a little thicker

With added thickness for extra wounding!

Some more previews of WIP adventurers

The Elf that Rei added late on which is one of the highest pick ups on the backerkit
Vishgor WIP

That is all for now! Power cuts due to the storm have made things a little hectic back here over the past few days. 18 lasers and the 3D printer getting switched off mid print multiple times is less than ideal! Hope everyone else has better weather than we do! See you next week!

First Post Backerkit Friday
14 days ago – Sat, Feb 08, 2020 at 01:21:15 AM


What an end to the backerkit! £105,000 raised. Truly beyond all expectations!

Last week a lot of comments were made about the waist size of the golden guard. We listened and worked on that a bit :)

Golden Guard

More Lynx Warriors hit the inbox

Lynx Champion

Some fliers swooped in too!

Flier B

Miguel finished off the Mercs!

Crew A
Crew B

Vini keeps knocking out the adventurers

Liche Hunter

The Rumbleslam Cleopatra was looking good last week in its WIP state.

Check it out now!


Back next week!

21 days ago – Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 09:32:59 PM

Hey all!

Its LOCKDOWN day! A few more renders before we close the backerkit. I think pre orders are still possible after closing but current orders can no longer be changed.


Ben has done an amazing job on the Phoenix, he is also going to be doing the Ice version too! Hopefully I will have a render in the next couple of weeks :)

You want to see more of the elves Matt has been working on? OK!

Golden Guard
Golden Guard Champion
Brigand Champion
Lynx Warrior

Has Miguel done anything more with Mercs? OF COURSE!

Camel Musician
Crossbow Champion
Hand Weapon Champion

Gibran also sent over the first pass on the Undead chariots

Still needs posing!

Vini has been working on the adventurers

Elf adventurer
Ranger WIP
Cleopatra - Work in Progress

RUMBLEFANS you have not been forgotten. Andrew is working on one of the new superstars coming to a ring near you.


Andres finished detailing the wurms and I want a way to play an army of these guys. Amazing!

You wished to see a Genie?
Genie Big

The genies are our first work with new sculptor Andrew and we are really happy with the quality!


There has been a lot of repetition in the messages and comments so here are some FAQ and answers.

Will the models be available after the kickstarter campaign?

Yes they will be available on our website, probably late this year or early 2021

What time is pledge manager closing?

Shortly after 10PM UK time tonight!

How did the backerkit do?

The backerkit was incredibly well supported! Typically we see about 30-40% of the campaign total in backerkit extra funding. As such we had a target of 35-45k for extra funding. At time of writing (Friday morning) additional funding stands at £94,000 Amazing! Thank you all again for your backing, hope you like what we have been doing so far!

When will pledges ship?

We will begin shipping end of March as planned but this will be start with smaller orders. With the pledge manager lockdown tonight we get production numbers which means we can plan quantities of moulds required to meet them. We are also now advertising to nearly DOUBLE the number of staff we have in resin production and mould making! There are still more renders to come in but they are mostly low production quantity items so wont need to have moulds run as many times as the troops which bulk out this campaign. I currently anticipate that all orders will be shipped by end of May. We have another campaign coming after this one and it won't launch until this one is completed. There will be regular updates on this process :)

Will weekly Friday updates continue?

OF COURSE! I still have renders to share with you, production updates, shipping updates, the display board the guys are working on and more! Speaking of which I got some pics a while back and they never made it into an update.

Chris VS Board
I have no idea what this will end up looking like! Can't wait to see it!

That's it for this week! Back next Friday!

Fri(evening)day update!
28 days ago – Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 01:33:54 AM

Hey all

Later update today, everything is super busy when dealing with so many sculptors and lots of things are on the brink of being finished but need a few more tweeks. Still some more to show you today! Keep in mind some of these are not exported yet so aren't the final polished versions! I don't have time to make the bigger pics so apologies for them being the smaller ones you might need to enlarge.

Masked Hex Champion
That mask though!
Posed Brigand
Brigand Musician
Elf Crossbow Musician
Centaur Standard
Merc Pike Champion
Merc Musician
Merc Captain - Foot to be fixed!
Ogre Adventurer

Next week will be the backerkit lockdown. Some renders of lower production number items will be completed after this date and feature in the next couple of weeks of Friday updates. While I would have loved to have had everything sculpted for the closing of the pledge manager I know from experience that we will end up with better results if we avoid rushing.

Back next Friday!

2 weeks until lockdown. Loads more renders :D
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 02:30:55 AM

Hi all

Had a few messages asking about masks on the elves. Once we started sculpting we realised that putting a mask on every miniature made the regiment extremely boring. On that note we moved to using masks on characters and special regiments where required and I am much happier with the results. An example of a regiment that kept their masks is the first render of today! Check out the Elven Slayers :D

Slayer Musician

Want more elves? OK then!

Hex 2
Brigand T Pose
Elf Sword
Elf Shadow
Elf Sword Musician
Elf Spear Musician
Elf Crossbow

Now two birds with one stone as we have undead and halflings represented.

Undead Halfling Lord

Skeletons are in too!


The Anubti wasn't to peoples taste so we have gone back to the start with it. We cleaned up the art to help the sculptor.

Anubti clean

More adventurers are landing in our inbox

Dwarf Adventurer

Monsters crawled into the emails too!

Sand Wurm

There was a lot of love for the mercenaries last week and we have more today!

Merc hand weapon
Merc pike
Merc Crossbow

A keen eye will notice that we thickened the shoes to stop them from snapping.

With two more updates until backerkit lockdown I will keep bringing you as many renders as possible over the next two Fridays. Lockdown will be 10PM UK time on Friday 31st.

Back next week :)