Desert of the Dead, fantasy wargaming miniatures!

Created by TrollTrader

Mummies, elves, halflings and other fantasy miniatures from an undead desert.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Lockdown week 2
4 days ago – Fri, Apr 03, 2020 at 03:26:26 AM

Hey all!

Last weekend I went up to the warehouse and brought our 3D printers home so I can keep on printing out masters while we are hunkered down in our homes.

The spare room has some new visitors

That hanging light was my enemy number one last week and has since had its cable tied so it sits higher up. It was at that height when we got the house and can only assume it was for a bed side table.

I had some teething troubles with learning how to use the machines (normally our resin team are in charge of these) but seem to have got over the many many many issues that arose and now I'm printing out loads of miniatures! I will hopefully have a bunch of prints to share with you next week.

This week I have a few more renders

Anubti lion head
Anubti snake head
Anubti archer
Anubti Weapons
Undead Chariot
Ogre WIP

Matt sent over another Elf render too. Will be printing this one over the weekend


Back next week. Stay healthy!


First Friday in Lockdown
11 days ago – Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 01:53:46 AM

Hey all

Not our typical Friday update but considering everything that is going on that will be the norm for the next couple of weeks at least. I wanted to bring you something so here is our Elf Battle Standard.

Elf Battle Standard

I have out little halfling adventurer too

Short and Deadly

I'm working with sculptors to ensure the last bits are finished and will bring you the fruits of this over the next couple of weeks.

Are you in lockdown? How are you passing the time? Maybe you can inspire someone else

Stay Healthy everyone.

UK Lockdown
14 days ago – Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 02:41:11 AM

Hey all

As announced tonight by our PM the UK is now on lockdown for the next 3 weeks. This means we will not be able to continue production during this time. This is in the best interests of our staff and their families but also the NHS, the country and indeed the world. We need to beat the virus and this is a step in the right direction towards doing that.

We will continue working with sculptors so that everything is ready to go at full speed when we return to the warehouse.

Wishing everyone the best health


Friday Update - Anubti and friends
18 days ago – Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 03:39:34 AM

Hey all

Last week while adding renders I forgot to show off the awesome different head styles of the Anubti Check them out below!

Posed Anubti

There are two more heads being worked on too!

We got more of the flame elementals through :D

More Fire!

Matt smashed the Hydra out of the park!

Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss Hiss

This one is going on the printers right away as we need to make a lot of them!


Marcus is busy with the ogre redesigns and I think this looks fantastic.


Loads of models are coming off of the printers


We are about to switch to a new resin in the printers so future updates will feature black prints. The grey is a little translucent and that makes it harder to check detail on the models before we send them to production.

Far crisper in the new material

There are plenty of moulds getting made and we continue to push on towards shipping the first few very small orders next week. To repeat previous updates we have run a little behind schedule and I think shipping will be finished at some point in June. Coronavirus is causing some issues but we are doing what we can to minimise its impact. Keep an eye on these updates for the latest news.

Back next week

Friday and Coronavirus Update.
24 days ago – Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 03:22:26 AM

Hey all

Lets start with some new renders

Fire Elemental

Andrew showed us this WIP of a fire elemental. Expect finished renders next Friday.

The ogres are currently getting resculpted as we were not happy with those previously shown. Marcus who is responsible for the Ogre adventurer is going to be making them now. I should have them to show you next week too :)

Ogre Adventurer

Also next week! Matt has been busy finishing off the last of the elves including a beasty with two handlers. Beast remains in the shadows waiting for next Friday but in the mean time.

Handler A
Handler B

Back to this week. The RUMBLESLAM element of this campaign is finished off with the below Superstar. The cards for their rules have been well tested and sent off to the printers.


Sculpting is now pretty much finished bar some elf cavalry, war machines and characters that Matt is smashing through.



We have been printing as we go so these items are going straight to print on completion so they can be checked and then made into masters for production. Many have already gone through to production but we have in some cases LARGE quantities of miniatures to make. Before I said this would likely take until the end of May. This is still realistic but there is a looming issue that may cause an extra delay. Coronavirus could see staff unable to come to work during self isolation periods which will of course slow the whole casting/packing process. Every week I will be keeping you updated on the situation here in the warehouse.

Merc Master Model awaiting clean up

One step we have taken to improve the time it takes to get the models made is to buy another 3D printer. We are now able to print multiple master models. Our normal process is to print one master which then gets moulded. We run the mould for numerous times and use these masters to make a production mould. Now we are just printing enough masters to fill a production mould right from the start.


Another step was in increasing our staff numbers by 10 so we have more people to mould, cast and pack these items.


Our next campaign is set to launch once this one is entirely shipped and we had planned that for May. With consideration to the Virus likely causing a few weeks of lockdown we are now forecasting worst case to finish shipping in June and of course will not launch the new campaign until this one is done.

Shipping will still commence at the end of this month and hopefully will still be completed in May. I believe Backerkit will notify you once you order has shipped.

Wishing you all the best health